It’s September 1952

Winter is approaching in September 1952 as summer feels tantalisingly close back here in 2021.

The songs of September, 1952

A nice grab bag of new tunes hit the charts this month. And for the first time it occurred to me it might be useful to indicate in the playlist which those are, so they are bolded below from now on:

September, 1952 Top 20 Hits

“Auf Wiederseh’n Sweetheart” – Vera Lynn
“Because You’re Mine” – Mario Lanza
“Blue Tango” – Leroy Anderson
“Botch-A-Me” – Rosemary Clooney
“Delicado” – Percy Faith
“Half As Much” – Rosemary Clooney
“Here In My Heart” – Al Martino
“High Noon” – Frankie Laine
“High Noon” – Tex Ritter
“I Went To Your Wedding” – Patti Page
“Indian Love Call” – Slim Whitman
“Jambalaya” – Jo Stafford
“Maybe” – Perry Como / Eddie Fisher
“Meet Mister Callaghan” – Harry Grove Trio
“Meet Mister Callaghan” – Les Paul
“Somewhere Along The Way” – Nat King Cole
“Sugarbush” – Doris Day And Frankie Laine
“Take Me In Your Arms And Hold Me” – Les Paul & Mary Ford
“The Glow-Worm” – Mills Brothers
“Trying” – Hilltoppers

“Vanessa” – Hugo Winterhalter
“Walkin’ My Baby Back Home” – Johnnie Ray
“Walkin’ My Baby Back Home” – Nat King Cole
“Walkin’ To Missouri” – Sammy Kaye / Tony Russo / Glee Club
“Wish You Were Here” – Eddie Fisher
“You Belong To Me” – Dean Martin
“You Belong To Me” – Jo Stafford
“You Belong To Me” – Patti Page
“You’ll Never Get Away” – Teresa Brewer / Don Cornell

You can listen to the full playlist on Youtube via this link or embedded below:

This month in history

This month saw the premier of the “Adventures of Superman” on TV in the USA. With the classic “faster than a speeding bullet…” intro you can watch an episode with the man of steel himself below:

It was also the 13th Venice International Film Festival this month. Best Production Design went to the adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s, The Importance of Being Earnest which by all account is great and available to watch in full on YouTube:

A favourite play of mine so I’ll be sure to watch it soon as I’ve not before.

The Best Film gong went to French war film, Forbidden Games which you can watch the trailer for below:

What’d Sadie think?

Vera Lynn’s “Auf Wiederseh’n Sweetheart” eked out one more week at number 1 before being usurped by Jo Stafford’s “You Belong To Me” for the rest of September.

Mario Lanza’s new song on the charts, “Because You’re Mine” is a belting number as his so often are. The intro swell reminds me of the start of a 40’s movie for some reason, probably priming from thinking of movies in the history section though.

There’s quite a few instrumental numbers in the charts this month. Leroy Anderson’s “Blue Tango” is a nice piece that’s grown on us. He was described by some as, “one of the great American masters of light orchestral music.”

Which reminds me to recommend Primephonic to any classical lovers reading – its like Spotify but with a classical catalogue and interface that allows you to easily navigate by composer, work and performances.

“Meet Mister Callaghan” by the Harry Grove Trio also has a Les Paul version, but we went with their version because Mr Paul has enough airtime as it is. I can’t actually find anything about the Harry Grove Trio, but Sadie auditioned to make it a quartet as she sung along to the nice instrumental.

Never fear fans, Les Paul still features with, “Take Me In Your Arms And Hold Me” which is a new tune by him and Mary Ford and is one of our favourite songs by the pairing.

Tex Ritter’s version of “High Noon” that makes it to the charts this month trumps Frankie Lane’s version – its just even more cowboy – yeehaw!

Likewise fun is “The Glow-Worm” by the Mills Brothers. But not as catchy as Sammy Kaye’s “Walkin’ To Missouri” which is one of our favourite newbies of the month.

Also much liked is Dean Martin’s “You Belong To Me”, which benefits from Jo Stafford and Patti Page’s versions having warmed us up for it in previous months. Martin’s version is the best of the three though sorry Ms. Stafford and Page.

We end, fittingly, on our song of the month with the return of young Teresa Brewer doing a fast and fun duet, “You’ll Never Get Away”, with Don Cornell.

Rose, I love you, but don’t count your chickens.
Come dance with me.
I warn you that I’m no Boy Scout.
Relax awhile, come dance with me.
So don’t think that I’m easy pickin’.
The music’s so nice.
Rose, ’cause I just may some day pick up and pack out.
Oh, no you won’t. No, not a chance.
No arguments, shut up and dance.

“You’ll Never Get Away” – Teresa Brewer / Don Cornell

So, shut up and dance! or at least listen to this week’s full playlist on Youtube via this link.