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It’s June, 1953

It’s one of those weeks when the current month matches the month from the past we’re exploring musically, in this case June of 1953. The songs of June, 1953 We’ve got a few new tracks this week in the mainstream USA charts: June, 1953 Top 20 Hits “Anna” – Sylvano Mangano“April In Portugal” – Les […]

It’s May, 1953

It’s a glorious sunny weekend here in London, 2021 – but alas the Scovells are all three laid low with a nursery cold, so we’ve mostly enjoyed it from a distance. This also means we’ll keep the writeup of our musical trip back to May, 1953 short this week – so enjoy the songs! The […]

It’s April, 1953

We’re well into 1953 in our journey through music history as those of us in London are on tenterhooks waiting to here if we’re relieved of lockdown life in June, 2021. The songs of April, 1953 9 new tunes hit the top 20 of the USA pop charts this month: April, 1953 Top 20 Hits […]

It’s March, 1953

The sun’s out in London, 2021 as we travel back in time to March, 1953 to hear what it sounded like. The songs of March, 1953 8 new tracks make it into the top 20s of the month: March, 1953 Top 20 Hits “A Fool Such As I” – Jo Stafford“Anywhere I Wander” – Julius […]

It’s February, 1953

I was 24 years away from being born in February, 1953 which is the year in which we find ourselves on our tour through musical history this month. Let’s see what I missed out on… The songs of February, 1953 A few few nice new tunes entering the US charts this week, February, 1953 Top […]

It’s January, 1953

And here we are, beginning year 4 of our sped-up journey through musical history. Come the end of the first year of the project we’ll be done with 1953 even. Time passes! The songs of January, 1953 A bunch of new songs on the US pop charts to kick off the year so let’s hear […]