Some questions you might have are answered below. Uf you have a question that isn’t, please reach out.

Why 1950?

Because it had to start somewhere and that as sufficiently long ago to be interesting, but still have accessible-ish charts and music.

Why 2020?

Because that is the year that my first daughter was born and we’re enjoying this together. (Well she may be hating it, she’s nowhere near speaking yet. I’ll keep you updated.)

The charts are full of crap

That’s a statement not a question. And a subjective one at that. But if you have some suggestions of music from an upcoming month/year to supplement the chart listens then please reach out.

4x? That doesn’t add up?

Well done. It’s rounded down OK.

How do you choose the songs?

By digging up music charts from the past. Which isn’t as easy as it sounds. So if you have any data, get in touch.

You should listen to X

Great thanks, suggestions for upcoming months/years are welcome. Get in touch.

Who is behind this?

It’s a me, Thomas! You can visit my personal site for more.

When will you listen to X, Y?

Good question. You can check out this spreadsheet to find out.

Won’t she miss most the early decades?

Yes she’ll be tiny and have little comprehension and no memory, but she’ll have this site to refer back to some day.